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Product Category:Controllers
Product Type:Programming Tools
Price:EXW Taiwan Unit Price
Dynamic Wizard PC Programming Tools
      Product Specification

►Programming software Wizard 5 can be free downloaded in Dynamic website.

The Dynamic Wizard PC programming tool package includes a DWD-OEM-U, a DWIZ-CABLE, a DWIZ-ADAPT. A XLR3 connector is offered free of charge in the programming package.

DWD-OEM-U: This dongle is a hardware security device that plugs into a computer to prevent unauthorized access to product parameters.

DWIZ-CABLE: Wizard communications cable


DWIZ-ADAPT: Programming adaptor for DX2, A-series, R-series & Shark (can be used between Wizard and Shark but not DX-HHP and Shark)


XLR3 connector connects a DWIZ-ADAPT with a Dynamic controller (Rhino2, R-series). This XLR3 connector can be ordered separately.


* An RS232-USB cable may be required to connect the DWIZ-CABLE, so user needs to buy one locally or let us to prepare you one with this Dynamic Wizard kit if want to order from us.


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