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Q1. It is the first time to contact Taiwan Yo-Lin, can I request for free samples?

A1. We always welcome new business contact, but free samples are not offered to new contacts. For customer whose orders accumulated value greater than USD10,000 in the latest year has privileges to request samples. Samples shall be spare parts that customer never ordered before. The standard products in stock can be samples for free, but customer may need to pay for full freight.

Please refer to the below table for sample request:

Accumulated order value Samples total value in one package Customer needs to pay for
> USD10,000 < USD  70 freight
> USD20,000 < USD 150 free*
> USD30,000 < USD 250 free*

►Accumulated order value does not include freight.   ►The accumulated order value is valid for orders in the latest (1) year.   ►Customer may need to pay customs fees for samples delivery if any.

Q2. Can I request for a refund what if my EMS delivery is not received?

A2. Usually EMS provides cost-effective, fast and reliable dispatch service; it is infrequent to lose parcels but we do not guarantee. Buyer can request shipment insurance against loss or damage included for EMS delivery. For the EMS dispatch without insurance, all non-delivery causes (incl. riots, bad weather, etc.) beyond our control after shipment outside Taiwan can’t be seen as order cancellation, and the request for payment refund is not acceptable.

Q3. Can I ask for returns what if the received spare part is with an obvious defect?

A3. Check out the outer appearance for all orders is one of our standard operation procedures before packing. If any obvious defects found on the arrival spare parts and they are probably damaged during forwarding, please contact us within 3 days when receiving our parcel. We’ll contact you to manage a return service, and dispatch you a new replacement asap.

Q4. Do you offer warranty for spare parts you sell?

A4. What we sell are all new products, and mainly focus on the maintenance / repair market. But our warranty is limited and not applicable for all our sales; please contact us if further warranty inquiries before order.

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